About Us

Mastertokes started 15 years ago in BC’s Fraser Valley when the Founder, at 19 years old, convinced his father and father’s lawyer to allow him to be designated as the lawyer’s legal medicinal cannabis grower. The fact he had no growing experience at the time didn’t phase him; his love of cannabis and belief in its medicinal properties made him eager for the opportunity.

He quickly found that he was able to grow beyond the lawyer’s MMPR limit, so he connected with compassion clubs and other legal cannabis patients to provide his excess to them. Seeing how much his work helped people who were in pain and coping with mental illness inspired him to become an advocate for cannabis legalization and provide clean, quality cannabis products for those who need them.

After bouncing around between partners and setting up small gardens in apartments, barns and basements, the products shifted to the burgeoning world of extracts and the proliferation of dispensaries in the Vancouver, BC area.

The Founder eventually decided to brand his company as Mastertokes in 2015, as a homage to the Master Kush he was known for growing. After a successful launch at the first Sunset Beach 4:20 event, his attention and passion shifted full time to the new grey-market Cannabis Industry in Canada.

After several years of brand-building, improvement and expansion, the Founder met his parter the Biologist, and together they decided to work even harder to improve products, increase cleanliness and provide expanded access direct-to-patient.

The Biologist, being trained in plant chemistry at UBC-O, helped start up a new garden, and now the Mastertokes Garden is known across Canada for having some of the cleanest, terpiest, most potent flower. The Biologist’s formal scientific knowledge taught the Founder how to improve their extracts using chemistry as well, with lab-testing proving the quality and cleanliness of their new methods.

Together the Founder and the Biologist are working towards shifting the legal market to the higher quality standards we hold our products to, and are eventually planning on joining the legal market once bad regulations by the government are changed.

Our mission with Mastertokes is simple:

Offer products we ourselves would medicate with, at prices we would be comfortable with paying.

  • We regularly lab-test our products at Canvas Labs in Vancouver, BC.


  • We clean our equipment and work surfaces with 99% Isopropyl Alcohol and Distilled Water before use.
  • ACMPR Licensed to grow Cannabis.


  • All BHO Products (Shatter, Budder, Diamonds) are made in-house using 99.9994% 5x Refined Butane, Dewaxed to 1 Micron and vacuum purged in an Across International Vacuum Oven for a minimum of 120 hours.
  • Located in Vancouver, BC, Canada.


  • Only able to serve Canadians, please don’t ask us to ship across international borders!
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