Bae’s Runtz Sugar Wax (Hybrid)

Our latest truly Soil-to-Oil creation fresh from the Mastertokes Laboratory is this tasty Bae’s Runtz Sugar Wax, extracted from 2 strains of Bong Bae’s Buds.  Grown in-house with love by Bong Bae herself using SoLoud Genetics, this potent hybrid extract combines White Runtz x Full Thrust (White Runtz x Space Runtz.) Aromas and taste are creamy from the Gelato lineage with a hint of sweet fruitiness. This even-keeled hybrid brings relaxation while uplifting your mood and is a great choice to dab at anytime of day and for treating depression, chronic pain,  anxiety, and fatigue. As always, this was extracted in the Mastertokes Lab, dewaxed to 1 micron and vacuum purged for 120 hours with multiple flips.

50% Indica / 50% Sativa