Bae’s Triple Rainbow Sugar Wax (Indica Hybrid)

Fresh from the Mastertokes Laboratory is our latest truly Soil-to-Oil creation; Bae’s Triple Rainbow Sugar Wax is a slightly indica-dominant hybrid extracted from a mix of Double Rainbow x Juicy from Gage Green AKA Genetic Designers that was grown in the Mastertokes Garden by the one and only Bong Bae. Aromas and taste are pungent and savoury with strong floral notes and an earthy undertone. One dab will uplift your mood and calm any stress or anxiety as a gentle relaxation begins to take hold, easing away any tension or pain. Great for treating symptoms of chronic pain, anxiety, stress, depression and other mood disorders. As always, this was extracted in the Mastertokes Lab, dewaxed to 1 micron and vacuum purged for a minimum of 120 hours

60% Indica / 40% Sativa