High Voltage Sauce

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Also known as FSE (Full-Spectrum Extract) or HCHTFSE (High Cannabinoid High Terpene Full-Spectrum Extract). This Process begins with a single-pass extraction of high-grad live plants, followed by a long and slow curing process. This produces a Full-Spectrum Extract (FSE) which is essentially a snapshot of all the biologically available molecules found in the living plant.

This process does more than just isolate THC. Full-Spectrum extracts capture more unique cannabinoids and terpenes than any other extraction method. It captures the essence of the living plant.

We believe in allowing the natural properties of cannabis plants to shine. We do not use any processes to manipulate our Sauces once they are finished. Sauces can vary in consistency and may appear like wet sand, jelly or like a thick honey.  Perfect for dabbing, vaporizing or adding to joints or bowls!

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