Ice Cream Cake Ice Hash Rosin

Welcome to the jungle… the Urban Jungle! We have partnered with the team of LSO Growers in Nelson, BC to bring you an exciting new line of premium extracts from Urban Jungle Quads!

This terpy Ice Cream Cake Ice Hash Rosin is a first-wash 90u Ice Water Bubble Hash that crosses Gelato #33 x Wedding Cake and is pressed in 25 micron bags at 140 Degrees Fahrenheit. This ice hash rosin has a buddery, crumbly consistency and is very flavourful and aromatic. The terps will coat your mouth with a dank, gassy taste with notes of cheese and creaminess. Effects set in with a cerebral high that will have you feeling happy and mentally relaxed before the deeply relaxing body buzz sets in and the couch-lock grabs hold leaving you fully sedated. Helpful in treating symptoms of chronic stress, anxiety, migraines, chronic pain and insomnia.

75% Indica / 25% Sativa