Lemongrab Caviar (Hybrid)

It’s Adventure Time with our latest tasty creation! Fresh from the lab, Lemongrab Caviar is one dank delight that we know you will not find UNACCEPTABLE! Named for the Earl of Lemongrab himself, this hybrid is an evenly-balanced mix of Lemon Tree x King Louis. Aromas and taste are kushy and earthy with a twist of sweet lemon citrus. Effects are very uplifting with a euphoric, cerebral energy that will ease your mind and boost your mood while keeping you focused as a warm physical relaxation sets in. A great daytime option for helping with symptoms of depression, attention deficit disorders, chronic fatigue, stress and arthritis. As always, this was extracted in the Mastertokes laboratory, dewaxed to 1 micron and vacuum purged for 120 hours.

50% Sativa / 50% Indica

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