LSO Black Scottie AAAA (Indica Hybrid)

Welcome to the jungle… the Urban Jungle! We have partnered with the team of LSO Growers in Nelson, BC to bring you an exciting new line of AAAA LSO cultivars – Urban Jungle Quads!

Black Scottie is a heavy-hitting indica-dominant cultivar that crosses Black Domina x Scott’s OG. Aromas and tastes are very fruity, fresh and herbaceous with pungent overtones of sour citrus zest. Effects start off with a robust cerebral high that will clear the mind and leave you feeling almost giddy as a strong relaxation and case of the munchies set in. Grab your snacks before a sedating couch-lock grips you and helps you drift into a deep, restful sleep. These effects and THC levels as high as 26% make this strain ideal for treating depression, eating disorders, chronic pain, insomnia and PTSD. Grown organically using a living bio-soil in Nelson, BC. 

80% Indica / 20 % Sativa