LSO Cactus Breath AAAA (Hybrid)

Welcome to the jungle… the Urban Jungle! We have partnered with the team of LSO Growers in Nelson, BC to bring you an exciting new line of AAAA LSO cultivars – Urban Jungle Quads!

Cactus Breath is a nicely balanced hybrid strain that was created through a potent crossing of Cactus x Mendo Breath. Aromas and tastes are sweet and earthy with sour, skunky undertones. Effects set in quickly in the mind with an uplifting calm and sense of euphoria that will have you feeling light and slightly hazy before a deep body buzz washes over you leaving you feeling completely relaxed and moderately sedated without putting you to sleep. These effects and average THC levels around 20% make this strain great for treating chronic pain, depression, stress, anxiety & chronic fatigue. Grown organically using a living bio-soil in Nelson, BC.

50% Indica / 50 % Sativa