Tropsanto AAA+ (Indica Hybrid)

The latest round of Bong Bae’s Buds is here with a fresh crop of Tropsanto, an indica-dominant hybrid that was created through crossing GMO x Tropicana Cookies. Aromas and taste are of sweet and sour citrus with hints of cinnamon and almond cookies. Effects set in with a burst of euphoria that will have you feeling blissful and calm as a deep relaxation spreads from head to toe, easing pain and leaving you a little sleepy. These effects paired with an average THC level of 20% make this strain great for treating chronic stress, depression, loss of appetite, chronic pain and insomnia. Grown in the Mastertokes Garden with love, featuring a 21 day flush, 14 day hang-dry and over a month curing in a mason jar.

70% Indica / 30% Sativa

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